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At MTL DNA our passion and focus is bringing the experience of Premium and Dry Aged meats to our customers at home at a great price. We believe that eating great and local shouldn't be complicated or only done on special occasions. Unique and quality products is our promise everytime. Our work is done everyday with local suppliers and farmers trying to source exceptional ingredients and then elevating them to something we're truly proud of and know you will enjoy with your family and friends.

Patiently waiting for you to experience them.

We love beef. All kinds of beef. Check out our favorites!

Sometimes you just have to wing it and not chicken out. Check out our poultry items, organic and grain fed.

What You Need To Know

Locally Sourced Meat

Our first supplier choice will always be local Quebec farmers. We are strong believers in buying local and working with our Quebec farmers everytime we can to introduce their premium product to our customers. A taste of home.

Quality is Important

Our team is invested in providing you quality products. We take the time and patience to carve out the best cuts of meat that we can produce.

Passionate Team

Meat is our passion, and we want the taste of our products to keep bringing you back for more. Not only do we want to provide a top quality product, we want to build a transparent conversation where you know exactly what's on our plate and what to do with it.

We Listen to Our Customers

We encourage you to reach out to us if there is something special you need or have any questions. As we are a growing business, your feedback and how we can improve your experience with us is and always will be welcomed.

Check out our products

Want to know what's coming?

At MTL DNA we are always trying to find new and delicious products to offer to our customers, and as we grow, we plan to increase our delivery range and schedule to be more flexible and tend to your needs. If you want to be kept informed on any new updates we have to offer, please enter email address below!

We like meat and not so much spam, so if we send you something, rest assured it is because you will want to know it.

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