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Dry Aging Process

How does it work?

Phase 1
Primal Selection

At first, we hand select the most superior primals available to us as not primals are created equal even though they are graded so. It is also important to ensure that the bone and outside fat are still on the cut to protect the meat during the aging process.

Phase 2
Dry Aging Begins

This phase is crucial. A truly successful dry age requires strict temperature, humidity, and air flow control. Our specially designed dry aging fridge ensures the optimal environment for this process. Now your selected cut will lay dormant in the crafted environment and begin to develop its flavors and textures.

Phase 3 Cleaning and Processing

After reaching the desired aging period, the primal cut is ready for preparation. The outer shell of the meat which was exposed to the environment is removed revealing the long-awaited spectacular meat inside.

Phase 4 Ready to Serve

At this point, the primal cut can be cut to order and is ready to eat immediately. At MTL DNA we process, and flash freeze our meat immediately to lock in freshness and flavor so that the meat is ready to eat only when you are.

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