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MTL DNA - Montreal Dry N Aged

MTL DNA is a local business that is owned and run by proud Montrealers. Coming from multiple backgrounds culturally and professionally, a group of friends went out to better understand the uniqueness of dry aging meats and decided together to provide this unique experience to our customers.

We take pride in supporting local suppliers and Canadian made products. From vigorously searching for premium products and tasting them to ensure highest quality, to directly and efficiently delivering to our customers, we constantly strive to provide exceptional products and service.

We are a growing business so our products, delivery zone and schedule will continue to expand.


We always want to know what our customers are thinking so please reach out to us and tell us how we can better serve you.

Dry aging meat is an art and a science. We will continue to work hard to provide new and unique products to dazzle your taste buds.

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We love delivering our products to our customers and would like to hear any feedback you may have to offer. Please click the button below to give us some feedback on our Google page so we can hear about your experience.

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