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How this all works

At MTL DNA we are located on the Montreal island and are happy to deliver our products to our customers at a regularly scheduled time. All of our products are Canadian sourced, examined, and processed by us with the utmost care. Once we cut the meats, they are vacuum sealed and frozen for freshness. We believe in making the ordering process simple for you and are here to answer any questions that you may have.


Our main goal is to deliver the product to you, however we do also support self pick up at our facility if you are not in the delivery area.

1. Delivery Area

Our delivery region is constantly expanding. Check to make sure that you live in the delivery area specified.

An additional delivery fee will be applied for orders less than $200. You also have the option of picking up your order free of charge.

2. What do you want?

Pick and choose from our many products and add them to your cart. We love our cuts of meat and have tried them ourselves so don't forget to check out our staff's favorites!

3. Checking Out

After selecting what you want, then proceed to checkout and our team will notify you a day before delivery that everything is ready to go. If there are any issues with your order we will notify you asap.

4. Packed and Ready

Once we receive your order, we will begin gathering your products. The packing happens on the day of the delivery.

Self pick up orders are also available everyday. Instructions are included upon checkout.

5. Time to Deliver

Our delivery schedule is all week from 9am to 6pm. We will drop off the box to your address and notify you of the delivery 15 minutes before arrival.

In the case that you are not home, the delivery will be left at your doorstep and will be kept chilled for up to 4 hours with the provided cooler packs.

We plan to increase the frequency of deliveries in the coming weeks and months.

6. Preparing to Eat

All our products are vacuum sealed and frozen. The best way to enjoy them is to puncture a small hole on the corner of the bag letting air in and let it defrost in your fridge or remove them completely from the bag and let them defrost in your fridge overnight. You can also thaw under cold running water leaving your meat in the bag. Just be sure that the punctured area of the bag is not under the water to avoid getting water in your package.

Once defrosted, it's time to cook them up using your favorite recipes to enjoy.

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