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When it comes to the Tomahawk cut you’re looking at the king of showpieces. It’s a long bone ribeye, it’s big, it’s obnoxiously beautiful, and it doesn’t care or apologizes for it. Did we mention it’s been dry aged for 60 days?

This piece is a statement not only with looks but with unbelievable flavor and texture. The dry age notes of umami, nuttiness, and earthiness come through in every bite!




*Weight may vary


Cooking method


First wrap the bone tip with aluminum so it doesn’t get charred/burnt when you’re cooking and spoil your final presentation. Due to its thickness, we prefer the reverse sear method for this one so that the desired internal temperature is almost reached (start sear at about 15 degrees Celsius under your desired temperature) before applying the final sear to form the crust. Don’t forget to let it rest at least half the time you cooked it for. Remember, your meat will increase 3-5 degrees Celsius while resting.

60 Day AAA Dry Aged Tomahawk

PriceFrom C$87.25
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