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If you're here then there is not much left to say. You've tried it all and you've gotten yourself ready for something truly special. Aging beef for a 100+ days requires attention to detail, patience, and a deep understanding of the aging process and the aging room microclimate. We don't believe in the "set it and forget" methodology commonly used in the industry.



  • AAA Local Beef (Boeuf Quebec Quality Control)
  • Hand selected cuts
  • Dry aged inhouse in our specially designed aging room for over 100 days
  • Unmatched flavor
  • 1 Rib Thick


*Weight may vary


Cooking method

First wrap the bone tip with aluminum so it doesn’t get charred/burnt when you’re cooking and spoil your final presentation. Due to its thickness, we prefer the reverse sear method for this one so that the desired internal temperature is reached before applying the final sear to form the crust. Don’t forget to let it rest at least half the time you cooked it for.

100 Day AAA Dry Aged Tomahawk

PriceFrom C$88.30
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