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Breed and Marbling

BMS: 12

Farm: Shimane

Breed: Japanese Black

Sex: Steer

Cut: Hand Cut 3/4in Approximate

How Wagyu is graded

Japanese Wagyu Beef is strictly graded by the Japanese Meat Grading Association. Being that it is the most exquisite beef in the world, it is imperative that this unique product is properly graded to protect integrity, transparency, and authenticity.

Grading is based on two specific factors: Yield and Grade. Yield meaning the ratio of meat compared to the actual carcass weight. Grade meaning the overall Beef Marbling Score (BMS), Beef Color Standard (BCS) , Beef Fat Standard (BFS) , Firmness & Texture. In order to qualify as A5 Japanese Wagyu, beef must be graded as Grade A for yield and Grade 5 in BMS, BFS, BCS, firmness and texture.

The graders, who have the task of assigning the letters and numbers, must train for 2-3 years before they are considered proficient in rating Japanese Wagyu. However, it takes 3 expert graders to rate the beef, and their scores are combined to give the final rating.

This explicitly lengthy process and high barrier to entry into the A5 category is one of the reasons that this cut of beef is one of the most sought after cuts of beef anywhere in the world.

Enjoy responsibly!

Cooking method

Season with salt and pepper. It is recommended to cook this cut on a preheated medium high cast iron pan. It requires no oils or fats to be added. A gentle sear on each side is all that is required for preparation. Serve M-Rare at most. There is no need for a deep sear that is customary on regular steaks. These cut are 3/4" thick as tradition goes so they don't need a lot of time during the cooking process. Make sure your steak has been out of the fridge for 30 min or so (reach close to room temp) before you begin cooking.

There are lots of ways Wagyu steaks are served so feel free to explore but not before giving it a try simply as stated above and enjoying what this quality of beef is all about!

Japanese A5 Ribeye (Wagyu)

PriceFrom C$140.23
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