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Ok, this is where things get crazy. Here at MTL DNA we’re all about pushing the limits of flavors and textures. If you’ve never had a dry aged burger, then this is going to be difficult to understand and if you have it doesn’t matter because this is a one of a kind blend.

Imagine intense beef flavor, steak like texture, and the richness of the fats distributed throughout our perfect crafted patty with meat aged for 45 days in our special Dry Age Fridge. Our blend uses only premium cuts of brisket, chuck and ribeye.

It’s simple, a burger like no other!



These one of kind patties are sold in pairs. Supplies are limited.

3/4in – 200 grams/patty - Pack of 2

*Weight may vary


Cooking method

The secret to cooking a great Dry Aged burger is just like cooking any other burger or steak. Make sure your burger is at room temperature before you start, season right before cooking, make sure your pan is hot, and your oil has a high smoke point. Give the burger the time it needs to form a crust and most importantly the time to rest for at least half the time it cooked for.

Throw in your favorite bun and condiments and you’ll have YOUR very own burger masterpiece!

The 45er

C$17.00 Regular Price
C$16.00Sale Price
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