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The are several important steps that need to be followed before a chicken can be labeled ORGANIC. The Ferme des Voltigeurs organic chicken is raised with natural light and can roam freely having access to the outside perches. The organic vegetable grain diet and pure water fed to these chickens also plays a pivotal role in its quality and taste. This has also allowed the Ferme des Voltigeurs to bear the ECOCERT Canada logo on it’s label, recognised across the industry. We are proud to support our local farmers and are confident that you will enjoy this organic chicken breast as much as we have.


In hopes to helping you make a more informed choice on product size, we’ve divided this product into 2 size categories with a narrow weight gap so you’re confident in what you will receive.

* Weight may vary

Cooking Method

Thaw your chicken under cold running water or leave it in your fridge to thaw. Cook this succulent chicken breast using your favorite rub or marinade but be sure that you reach an internal temperature of 74*C (165 *F).

Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

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