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These Blue Dot grade short ribs hold intense marbling through and through. Blue Dot reserve beef is hand raised and handpicked on small family farms right here in Canada. They are graded as the top 1/3 of the AAA grade beef and are often used as a product in fine dining restaurants.

These ribs are cut thin across the bone and marinated in our house blend Korean BBQ marinade for 26 hours before they are ready for you to enjoy!



550-650 Grams/pack

* Weight may vary


Cooking method

These ribs are purposely cut thin so you can cook them on medium – high heat and finally sear each side to get maximum caramelization before removing them to serve. Best thing is that they can be enjoyed right away without resting so enjoy!

Ingredients (Allergens)

Soy Sauce





Dried Kelp


Black Pepper

Sesame Oil (May Contain Peanuts and Tree Nuts)

Marinated Blue Dot Galbi Short Ribs

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