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At MTL DNA we take our beef seriously. Ground beef has always been a staple of any home cooking and if you’ve never had great ground beef then you’re definitely missing out. It cannot be compared to the conventional ground meat you buy. Our ground beef is not an afterthought but one of the stars of our show. Each type of ground beef is blended using primal cuts that are hand selected for that specific blend. This ensures that you get a consistent, high quality product each and ever time. We offer them in 500-gram vacuum sealed bags flattened for ease of storage and subsequent thawing when you need it.


*Weight may vary

Cooking method

The use of ground meat is endless, be sure to brown your meat before starting to add all the ingredients, especially liquids. The browning will elevate your flavor profile and ensure that your meat is cooked through. As usual, be sure to reach that 71 *C (160 *F) cooking temperature.

DNA Ground Beef

PriceFrom C$8.00
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