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Our premium quality AAA chuck roast is truly one of a kind. It holds intense marbling and big beef flavor. This cut is perfect for stews and loves to be slow cooked. We use it in our burger blends and grounds but due to the large number of requests, we thought we would offer it as a product on its own. Give it a try, you're in for a surprise!



  • Hand selected cuts
  • 1.5 - 2 Inch thick

*Weight may vary


Cooking method


The possibilities for a chuck roast is endless. Beef stroganoff, barbacoa, pot roasts, stews and do much more. The meat has great marbling so your final product will be rich and flavorful. An easy meal that you can set and forget until it's time to eat.


AAA Boneless Chuck Roast

PriceFrom C$19.40
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