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Working to build a partnership

Our Beliefs

At the core of every successful business is understanding your customers.

At MTL DNA we take this to heart. Our goal is to build partnerships with our clients and ultimately work hard to build long term relationships with each one on an individual basis. We understand that the needs and challenges of all our client’s business are unique. Using our expertise and ability to understand your business, we can help you overcome your everyday challenges. This is the core of our value proposition.

Amazing products

Our products are locally sourced and of the highest quality. We work with local farms and distributors to ensure quality, sustainability, and a stable supply year-round. Our retail store currently sells high grade Beef and Poultry cuts. However, we do offer and have access to a vast array of products of the highest quality from multiple suppliers.


Our team will work with you on matching your delivery schedule needs and it can be discussed on how we can help package our products to make it as simple for you to use them as possible.

Dry Aged

Dry Aged

Our main product line is dry aged beef. We have our own facility that we use to dry age and process various cuts of beef. We normally range our products between 30 to 60 days and have been experimenting with longer age times as well as infusions such as whiskey and rum dry age.

We can customize the aging period to your specifications.


At MTL DNA we always strive to get the best products available locally. We work with regulated organization like Boeuf Quebec to source our high grade Beef cuts. We also carry an array of dry aged, wet aged, and non aged cuts that we have available for your consideration.

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Ground Beef

At MTL DNA we create our own blends of ground beef from the premium meats we purchase. We also create dry aged blends of ground beef for our dry aged 45er burger patties.

Based on the need we can get halal products to create halal burger blends as well.


Our main product line is beef; however we do provide chicken grown by Ferme des Voltigeurs.

Products range from the whole chicken to individual cuts.


If you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please send the request here or contact us by email or phone with the contact information below.

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