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Exclusive PRIME grade Bone in Rib Steak. Spectacular marbling without being too rich like Wagyu and also at a fraction of the price. The flavor profile of these steaks are sure to change your standards and expectations of what a great steak should be. However, we're not done! We also wet age these cuts for 28 days to further enhance their tenderness.

Enjoy responsibly!




* Weight may vary


Cooking Method

We recommend cooking this cut to slightly under medium rare (~52C, ~125F) finish as the marbling requires time to render through the meat and most importantly letting it rest. The temp will climb up to medium rare while resting. Remember, the meat closest to the bone will have an average temperature of 5C-10C lower than the meat at the opposite extremity, depending on thickness. Bone in steak usually fair better being done in the oven or on the grill.




PRIME Rib Steak

PrixÀ partir de 62,75C$
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