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Our 60 Day Dry Aged limited bone in rib steak batch is truly something special. The added 30 days on top of the standard 30 day aging process allows for a further flavor and texture development.

The flavor profile lends itself to earthy, umami, and hints of light blue cheese that accompany the bold beef flavor with every bite. Must be experienced to truly be understood.




* Weight may vary


Cooking method

Cook this dry aged AAA bone in rib steak medium rare to allow enough heat to penetrate the meat and help render the intermuscular fat and form a nice crust using your cast iron pan or grill. Let it rest for at least half the time you cooked it for and get ready to enjoy something truly spectacular!

60 Day AAA Dry Aged Bone In Rib Steak

PrixÀ partir de 49,45C$
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